Bar Milling

  • Continuous milling x 20’
  • Keyways, steps, custom shapes

Some jobs require very specific continuous bar milling. The process, also known as bar conversion, refers to the conversion of a structural metal shape such as a flat bar, square bar, angle, channel or round rod, that is fed through a cutting fixture that mills the material into a new shape down the entire length of the material.

National Metal Fabricators bar milling services include flat bar stock, angles, rounds, hex bars, channels and other customized shapes. We’ll mill to whatever specifications you need.

We’ve milled shapes such as keyways, slots, bevels and steps, and we can mill materials down to a smaller dimension that still retains its original shape. For more complex end shapes we use a series of specialized cutters and fixtures engineered for those specific jobs.

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Bar Milling Shapes
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