Bar Milling

  • Continuous milling x 20’
  • Keyways, steps, custom shapes

Bar milling is an integral component of manufacturing, and National Metal Fabricators has the skills and equipment to get it done right. When it comes to premium bar milling, our team has serviced the Chicago area for decades. National Metal Fabricators has earned an unmatched reputation for metal fabrication, bar milling, cutting and other manufacturing services. We’re precise, we’re consistent and we make only the highest quality products suited for your individual manufacturing and building needs. Below, read more about how bar milling is done and the services we offer at National Metal Fabricators.

What Types of Bar Milling Services Does National Metal Fabricators Offer?

National Metal Fabricators excels at continuous bar milling, a process sometimes referred to as conversion. In short, the process involves taking a flat bar, square bar, angle, channel, round rod or other structural metal shape and cutting it into a new, usable shape for construction or any other process. We do this by feeding material through a cutting fixture that mills the material into a new shape down the entire length. The end result is consistently milled from end to end, ready for use.

What Shapes and Materials Do We Work With?

When it comes to meeting customer needs, the team at National Metal Fabricators is very versatile. Our bar milling services are available for flat bar stock, angles, rounds, hex bars, channels and even customized shapes. We are proud to be able to accommodate any specifications you might request — regardless of complexity. Some of the shapes we specialize in include keyways, slots, bevels and steps. We also specialize in size reduction, milling materials down to a smaller dimension that keeps its original shape.

We have the tools and expertise to craft virtually anything you need, all in a timely manner. By using a series of specialized cutters and fixtures engineered for certain jobs, our proficient team can handle jobs of all kinds.

Why National Metal Fabricators?

Proper bar milling takes skill, and not any fabricator can do it to meet your expectations. That’s where National Metal Fabricators is different. With more than 70 years in this business in the Chicago area, manufacturing is in our DNA. We know the processes inside and out. We are able to frame our approach within the context of virtually any project. We take the time to get to know our customers and their unique needs.

The National Metal Fabricators team operates in world-class facilities with the some of the most cutting-edge tools in this industry. Our bar milling services are incredibly accurate and consistent, and our customers know that they can trust us to meet even the most intricate specifications.

The staff at National Metal Fabricators is eager to hear about your project and provide any guidance you might need in order to achieve your manufacturing goal. Contact us today and learn more about our bar milling services and more.

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