Aluminum Fabrication

Aluminum fabrication depends upon knowing the strengths of the metal as a material because that knowledge is important to the success of every project. Having the right tools to take those strengths and put them to good use is also one of the keys to custom aluminum fabrication. At National Metal Fabricators, we combine our technology and machinery with nearly 70 years of customer metal fabrication experience to deliver some of the most sophisticated aluminum fabrication services in the country.

From a manufacturing technology standpoint, the 2,000 watt, state-of-the art Cincinnati Laser Cutting Center in our 50,000 square foot facility at National Metal Fabricators provides the foundation for successful aluminum fabrication. Our machinery helps us solve sophisticated manufacturing challenges in working with aluminum.

Of course it all starts with some basics. As custom aluminum fabricators, we cut aluminum raw materials up to 3/16” in thickness. That means we can produce components and parts for many types of projects including industrial, retail, construction and more. Our expertise over 7 decades of custom aluminum fabrication also gives us vital perspective on how to accomplish projects that other metal shops might turn away. Our experienced machine operators and project managers work together to solve aluminum fabrication problems and deliver your project on budget and on time with all specifications fulfilled.

We also excel in providing you a clear and concise quote on any job you bring us. No project is too big or small. Single items or production runs are all within our scope of production. On every project we provide close tolerance in hole locations, notching and piercing, machining, decorative applications, custom bends, forms, drills and taps, and drilled or countersunk applications.

You can call on National Metal Fabricators to create custom finishes that improve the appearance and surface of your custom aluminum fabrication. Aluminum is a highly versatile metal that can be fabricated and forms into everything from stairway railings to engine components. We can take your ideas and bring them to life, work with CAD or sketches or create from scratch the product you want with superior quality control every step along the way. If you’re an OEM seeking a consistent, reliable producer of aluminum fabrication, National Metal Fabricators has much to offer on existing or new projects.
You’ll notice a positive difference in our knowledge and expertise when you call National Metal Fabricators with your aluminum fabrication need.  Call today: 800.323.8849

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