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July 15, 2016
May 5, 2017
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…is a phrase usually associated with someone getting their “come up’ns” after having inflicted some form of hurt on another person, but recently, I experienced it working just the opposite.

It’s December, and I’m online Googling for a specific gift for my seven year old grandson. In the midst of Grandad’s endeavor, up pops an age old customer, who, last I heard, had hightailed out of Dodge (Chicago) for greener pastures. In my case that was a 40 year plus, bar ring customer lost to the lousy economy all of us manufacturers operate here, in Illinois.

Digging further, I discovered the shock of all shocks– the company had recently moved back to Chicago! WOW! These days, you never hear of a manufacturing entity moving back to Illinois, let alone Chicagoland. You move out, but you don’t move back. I was happy to order my grandson’s gift from my former customer and also made it a point to go visit them.

I stopped in cold, but the buyer was out so I left my card and brochure, got a name, and made a note to follow up. As it turns, they followed up first by calling me. They were excited to schedule a meeting, which we did for the following day.

Meeting with the buyer and the president of the company, I heard an all too familiar story; after multiple recessions, relocation, deteriorating business climate, purchase by an investment group, and moving the company out of state, the company is shut down. Being a pawn on a corporate chessboard ain’t fun folks.

But, some of the employees took stock of their predicament and thought, “Out of business? Wanna bet!” They used to have a great product. They were once the premier name of their market. For a whole host of reasons, that had been lost. Their customers had counted on that top drawer quality and were willing to pay for it. But, as the quality left, so did those customers. So, a few driven people decided to take a risk and get back to who they always were, and part of getting that reputation and business back included picking up the pieces left of the firm and move back to Chicago.

Once here, they needed to reconnect with those former employees and suppliers that had been part of building their reputation of producing premier products. It was time for National Metal and our former long standing customer to get reacquainted and be a part of their re-birth into the market place. Just think about this; take the remnants of a closed company, move back to Chicago and begin the challenging road back to your former position of the top name in your field. That rarely happens in Chicago, and National Metal Fabricators is excited to be a part of it.

Every so often, what goes around comes around can be a good thing. To our customer: we welcome you back. To my grandson: you can bet I’ll never ever take your Christmas present list for granted.