Machine Guarding

Important Reasons to Have Updated Machine Guarding

In the safety hierarchy, machine guarding is designed as a warning to prevent hazards and may also make equipment safer, be OSHA compliant, prolong a machine’s internal components, cut down on maintenance, or help keep foreign debris from interfering with equipment performance. National Metal Fabricators wants to make sure our customers are happy and safe. We provide high quality machine guards available in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum with prime paint and finish cost options.

Machine GuardingNational Metal Fabricators not only specializes in metal fabrication, but also these areas:

  • OSHA machine guarding
  • custom machine guarding solutions
  • machine guard covers

Safety standards and requirements for machine guarding are reinforced by government and industry oversight organizations. Keeping your equipment up to date will help you with smooth operation and in complying with the safety standards and requirements reinforced by the appropriate oversight organizations. Your entire process will find there are many benefits to custom solutions for your equipment. Keeping safety in mind should always be a priority, especially when not all levels of the safety hierarchy can be met. Reducing issues in several ways can lead to many benefits:

  • Make sure everyone returns home in good health. This will always be a priority and National Metal Fabricators is here to help.
  • Reduce cost from mishaps when productivity is lost, which also extends to serious aftermath. Picking up after an issue in the workplace can have long term consequences.

Quality generates success:

  • a safe environment is a precursor to productivity
  • efficient surroundings lead to focus, and therefore smooth operation

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