Metal Laser Cutting

metal_laser_cuttingWith tolerances down to 0.007” the process of laser metal cutting has revolutionized notions of what can be done with many types of metal.

Our 2000-watt Cincinnati Laser Cutting Center is the source of our confidence in laser metal cutting. Our 6’ X 12’ cutting table enables us to work on both small and large volume jobs quickly and with incredible precision. Whether your job requires laser cut parts from heavy plate or from thin gauge material, our laser cutting center can tackle them both. We can cut carbon steel up to ½”, stainless steel to 3/16” and aluminum to 3/16”.  Our dual-pallet table contributes the benefit of speed. Just as one piece of metal is finished, another can be actively loading with efficiency and quality. Every piece comes out clean and accurate, affording an almost spectacular part-to-part consistency.

SS.LASER.CUT.LEAFThe benefits of laser metal cutting include burr-free cuts because there is no metal to metal sawing or shaving to create residues, flecks or spurs. Laser metal cutting also provides rapid production and nearly fault free production because it largely eliminates human error. By now you have probably guessed that laser cutting your metal parts can actually save money by cutting down on lost or wasted materials. With the volatile pricing of sheet metals of all types, it always pays to have a custom metal fabricator that can take into account your desire to make the most of every sheet of material.

Metal laser cutting even cuts down expense of production by reducing overall operating costs. No more need for replacement die stamps or machine center retooling. Actual electrical and maintenance costs on laser metal cutting are minimal. You can program the laser for repetition and get the most out of every sheet of metal you can buy.

As a long time and trusted laser metal cutting company we understand the importance of technology and open communication when creating the perfect product for our clients. Overall, we have been in business for over 70 years providing custom metal and stainless steel fabrication and our experience has allowed us to service a variety of industries. When you choose National Metal Fabricators as your go-to source for metal laser cutting, you will benefit from our modern practices and receive the attention you deserve as a valued client.

Our expertise in laser cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminium offers you a superior, high quality product you can trust down to seven thousands of an inch. Call today: 800.323.8849

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National Metal Fabricator's laser cutting center can cut carbon steel up to ½”, stainless steel to 3/16” and aluminum to 3/16”.